(Originally Published on South Florida Insider)

Instrumental Maestro Scott Hansen Brings a Magnificent Night of Perfect Chill to the Shores of Miami – Review of the Tycho concert at the Fillmore Miami Beach in Miami Beach, FL

Photos and Story by: Gleb Barabanov

This past Thursday, San Francisco-based composer Scott Hanson brought his unique blend of mellow, guitar-laced electronica to the sun drenched shores of Miami Beach to the delight of many fans that either couldn’t make it to Tycho’s set at Okeechobee Fest or simply wanted a longer, more intimate set, and the Fillmore Miami Beach was the perfect venue for them to experience what some called “The First Big Show of the Year”. The large open pit area along the a large theater-like seating auditorium ensured that fans that wanted to get up close to the action were able to, while the ones that preferred to hang back and relax in the seats were still able to get a great view of the action.

To start off the night, Poolside appeared at the helm of a set of decks set up at the very front of the stage. Normally a duo, this time DJ Jeffrey Fare appeared alone, spinning a perfect mix of relaxed beats perfect for warming up the Miami crowd. The hypnotic mix of neon-drenched songs and pumping bass almost made you picture yourself driving a sports car down the shores of Miami Beach wearing your finest 80’s pastel suit, and even the security guards were feeling the beats and dancing along with the songs.

As is want to happen in Miami, the crowd arrived fashionably late, and during Poolside’s hour long set the venue went from nearly empty to packed full of devoted fans (some bearing Tycho tattoos, nearly all of them wearing some sort Tycho merch) waiting to hear their hero perform. And after a quick fifteen-minute break at the end of Poolside’s set, the lights began to dim as the crowd cheered.

Flanking the stage and band equipment, a giant projector screen over 20 feet tall was displaying a video of two people playing catch in the desert. As Scott Hansen and the rest of the band appeared onstage, draped in the light of the projector in front of them, the video changed to the cover of their latest, Grammy nominated album Epoch and the band blasted off in a stunning rendition of the first song off the album, Glider.

As the group progressed through the setlist, featuring songs from all four Tycho albums, the giant projector screen displayed stunning visuals, surrounding the band members in a shroud of dreamy moving colors while creating a tall shadow effect on the wall behind them, making them seem much larger than they really were. Scott commented how this was going to be one of the few shows they are doing this year, and the audience displayed their gratitude by lavishing the band with applause. A stunning two-song encore consisting of Daydream and Awaken, two of their most popular songs, brought a stunning end to an amazing night of colors and sounds with the crowd hungering for more.