Our Clients

Some of Our Clients

Over the years, we have been lucky enough to work with a wide variety of clients on a number of very interesting projects. Here are some of the companies that we have helped turn concepts into reality.
intific                                                       cubiciitsec                     drop-in             lighthouse








These are just a few of the projects that we have helped bring to fruition


  • Alice McLaughlin Art Gallery (Art Basel Miami 2016)" - Event Photography
  • As Seen on TVCommercials (With Canvas Films)
  • "Lighthouse Shops” –Product Photography
  • Alice McLaughlin Art Gallery Opening (West Palm Beach)" - Event Photography
  • Drop In Skate Park Promo”-Commercial
  • Slipknot 2015 Tour (West Palm Beach)” –Live Event (Press)
  • Smashing Pumpkins/Marilyn Manson 2015 Tour (Miami)-Live Event (Press)
  • Nova U Promo– Corporate Spot
  • INTIFIC Austin TX Promo”–Corporate Spot (With Friday Forward Productions)
  • I/ITSEC Convention (Cubic)”Corporate (With Friday Forward Productions)
  • Torrent– Short Film
  • Nova Road– Short Film
  • “Being” Short Film
  • Cubic PROMO”–Corporate Spot (With Friday Forward Productions)
  • Take a Look– Music Video
  • “The Prescription”– Short Film
  • “1UP”–Short Film
  • When You Get Home– Music Video
  • Charlie– Short Film
  • “Tiger Striped”– Documentary
  • “Dig”– Short Film
  • “IMG Academy –Corporate Spot